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Pantalla Principal nTPV is a hospitality point of sale (POS) and business management system adaptable to every situation, leading to a better working performance in the business enviroment.
Browse its features and learn about the technology that makes it possible. nTPV Backoffice offers you the possibility of having your business always ready. Know every detail on your sales and profits. Configure every product. Manage your employees work. Each section will make your work easier. Configure nTPV through fast and guided steps.

nTPV is a POS system for hospitality business licensed under the GPL , and under this license has been registered in the Spanish intellectual propriety office. The program is registered by Carlos Manzanedo and the database design is registered by Pedro-Ángel González.

nTPV 1.2 rc 2

nTPV 1.2rc2 is the current release with features improving the user interface and performance for optimal benefits of hospitality business. This release replace autoconf/automake with qmake. This new packet includes the productivity modules now released under the GPL. Currently spanish is still the only supported language... Why the hell is the web in english then. Well we are on the process on migrating everything to QT4/KDE4 technology, and making english the main language (spanish will now be an option.)

towards nTPV 2.0

nTPV is now being migrated to QT4 & KDE 4 though the plans are to avoid any dependency on anything that is not QT if possible. So far the base component of the system is now completely refactored and migrated to QT4. Visit the Migration Blog if you are interested on migration detail o how the process is going 

nTPV 1.2rc2 nTPV 1.2rc2
nTPV Manual (Spanish) nTPV Manual (Spanish)
Backoffice Manual (Spanish) Backoffice Manual (Spanish)
nTPV LiveCD (Spanish) nTPV LiveCD (Spanish)