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nTPV Information

nTPV is a hospitality point of sale (POS) and business management system adaptable to every situation, leading to a better working performance in the business enviroment.Browse its features and learn about the technology that makes it possible.

nTPV Backoffice gives you the possibility of having your business always ready. Know every detail on your sales and profits. Configure every product. Manage your employees work.

Each section will make your work easier. Configure nTPV through fast and guided steps.

Pantalla PrincipalWhat makes nTPV different?

Easy to use

All the operations in nTPV are system guided. This makes them quick to use and learn. The touchscreen designed interface boost up the productivity of the users.


Ticket, invoices, ordering and table management are made by the system the same way the waiter is used to, thus becoming an intuitive procedure for them.


Nearly all in nTPV is customizable. Every product, option and offer in the business is reflected in nTPV as a configured operation. Everyone can go on working the way they are used to.


An industrial enviroment as hospitality is requires tough technology. Linux and nTPV covers the software needs, whilst a quality POS hardware makes the rest to obtain the most robust product in POS market.


A beautifull system is nothing without quality. That is why we test every new feature in production enviroment before releasing it. We make sure the user will be happy with nTPV.

nTPV Features

Cambio en el cobro

Some of the features of nTPV are:

  • Offers, products and shorcut bar management .
  • Historic data from cash closes.
  • Recover any ticket data from the database.
  • Sales by waiter.
  • Productivity and income reports for every waiter.
  • Reports on product sales, used offers and options.
  • Control access to different databases and database servers.
  • Fingerprint scanner management.
  • Creation and deletion of waiters.
  • Easy backup system with USB Memory Stick.
  • Reports export to USB Memory Stick.
  • Import and export product logos with USB Memory Stick.
  • CSV data export (Excel, Star Office, KOffice, QuattroPro...).
  • Customizable application components fonts and styles.
  • Operation like a cash machine.
  • Price on the fly. Set a product price at serving time.
  • Hotplug configuration. Every change takes effect without stopping de POS interface.


nTPV Technology

nTPV is the first ever GPL management and POS system for hospitality enviroment developed and running on Linux. Based upon distributed computing it avoids single points of failure through a communications system that uses DCOP, XMLRPC and XML. nTPV modular design makes program enhancing and features addition an easy task. The application core, simplified to the maximum, guarantees a robust and reliable behavior. Everything in nTPV is high technology. From the system communications, secured by ipsec, to fingerprint recognition for users an expert engineers team has made it a reality: technology at the service of hospitality.


Every business has different needs. To solve all the requirements without bloating the application with useless features, nTPV modularity allows each situation to be addressed with the parts of the application that are useful.

Distributed ticket printing module

This module is a basic feature of nTPV and is usually installed along with it. It communicates with any ticket printer that uses the Epson ESC/POS printing language.

Reconocimiento Biometrico

Fingerprint recognition module

This is a state of the art module. Along with a Biometrika fingerprint scanner, it matches every operation with its author. No way to cheat in other person's name.

Reporting module

One of the biggest advantages of a POS system is the detailed reports that can be obtained from the database. With this module, gaining business control is at the fingertip. With just one touch on the screen, the system generates a complete and detailed report of sales, products usage, waiter productivity or a price list of all the products and their options.

Ordering and tables management module

In some hospitality business like restaurants, a POS system must be able to manage tables and keep the bill until the costumer pays it. nTPV has an ordering and tables management module that not only has table control, but also allows the user to enter a descriptive name in the ordering, like a VIP user name and keep track of it. 

Backup and import/export module

Technology must be kept simple. With that idea in mind, importing and exporting data from the system, like product logos, sales data or reports or doing a database backup is as easy as pluging an USB memory stick in the POS and touching a button on the screen.

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