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moving towards nTPV 2.0 (step 1 libntpvxml)

[ November 18th, 2008]

Here I'm again, quite disappointed of not having spent as much as I would like during this year with ntpv... Quite a lot of personal changes for myself the last couple of years have prevented me from spending time on nTPV. 

I'm now based in London (since May 2007.) and working on HPC / Supercomputing / distributed technologies for the banking sector (since 2005). Actually this has been quite demanding, so I guess I've got your sympathy and understanding. So if any user here in london fancy a pint don't hesitate to drop me an email :)

But that's not the point... The point is that I've already started again with a revisit of nTPV. It will cost part of my soul (the corrupted part I hope), but I'm migrating nTPV to QT4 (without any QT3Support at all) and try to avoid any dependency on linux syscalls for windows native compillation. 

Right now libbslxml has been the first component to be refactored and migrated to QT4. Now that QT4 offer a explendid QTunitTest thanks to nokia, on the codebase you'll seee (as soon as it's released) a new test directory with all the component unittests created for this migration.

Finally, the good new is that as part of the refactoring, all the internal xml parser components have been enhanced, this should make some of the ntpv internal operations much quicker than on the previous version...

Will try to provide some comparations based on the libbslxml performance against the new libntpvxml library.

Keep you posted soon,

Carlos Manzanedo Rueda.

nTPV 1.2 Warming up again

[ October 7th, 2007 ]

Well, here we are again. New domain, new web, and coming back with new illusions. The objective of nTPV before this 2007 ends is to renew  the website and truely release 1.2, with at least English and Spanish languages fully translated. Major change on this new phase of the project is that English is going to become our primary language for nTPV instead of Spanish. 

Final 1.2 release will come up with not too much changes though we will release a couple of cool surprises as well.

 We will keep informing about the release on this new page.

Best Wishes for all nTPV users. Carlos Manzanedo & Pedro-Ángel Gonzalez.

Web hosting changes. nTPV 1.2rc2 released

[ December 6th, 2006 ]

Thanks to nTPV users support, we have renewed our web hosting. And that became a new effort on releasing the new nTPV candidate version. Now nTPV LiveCD is hosted in the web server allowing users to enjoy greater download speed. nTPV compilation is now handled by QMake, making it simpler to compile and install. The new package releases under the GPLv2 the modules that were closed formerly.

Now our sights are on:

  1. Translation to other languages.
  2. Migrating the database from Postgres 7.4 to 8.1 (DONE)
  3. Releasing more sample databases.
  4. Migrating from QT3 to QT4
  5. Migrating from Dcop to DBus.
  6. Teleordering system (Via HTTP).

nTPV developers will keep working to mantain and develop new features.

Any help or support to the nTPV project will be thanked.


Napsis quits nTPV commercial support

[ June 1st, 2005 ]

The company Napsis anounces it will stop supporting nTPV commercially. nTPV project is now mature enough to become fully Open Source.

nTPV 1.2rc2 nTPV 1.2rc2
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